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sK1 0.9.1 prerelease2 (rev.1383) codename "Made in Brazil"

Note: sK1 application is splitted on 3 packages: sk1, sk1sdk and sk1libs. You need installing all these packages to launch application. sK1 download statistics shows that sometime users download sk1 package only. Therefore we have placed these packages in one archive file.

All packages have correct dependencies and you can install they just by double-click. All required dependencies will be resolved by package manager automatically. But installation order is follow: sk1libs -> sk1sdk -> sk1

Source code tarball

Ubuntu 11.04 32bit
Ubuntu 11.04 64bit
Ubuntu 10.10 32bit
Ubuntu 10.10 64bit
Ubuntu 10.04 32bit
Ubuntu 10.04 64bit
LinuxMint 9 32bit
LinuxMint 9 64bit
LinuxMint 8 32bit
LinuxMint 8 64bit
Fedora Core 14 32bit
Fedora Core 14 64bit
Fedora Core 13 32bit
Fedora Core 13 64bit
Mandriva 2010 32bit
Mandriva 2010 64bit
OpenSuse 11.2 32bit
OpenSuse 11.2 64bit

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