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sK1 0.9.2 packages for Mageia

Posted by igor | Posted in Release | Posted on 29-01-2015

sK1 0.9.2 rpm packages for Mageia 5.0 are available for download:
Binaries for Fedora are the next milestone.


sK1 0.9.2 release

Posted by igor | Posted in Release | Posted on 05-12-2014

We have released sK1 ver. 0.9.2 Details and download links are available in extended news.


Russian page on Facebook

Posted by igor | Posted in Events | Posted on 07-02-2014

We have launched Russian version of our Facebook page for better communication with Russian users. It's just because our native language is Russian. Later we will announce Russian version of project site ( All posts will be duplicated as in English and Russian.


Plugin area and plugin management

Posted by igor | Posted in Development | Posted on 07-02-2014

Revolution in our country continues ... Nevertheless, we decided to continue the work!

Current development milestone is a plugin area and plugin management.



PrintDesign for Linux preview2 download

Posted by igor | Posted in Development | Posted on 09-10-2013

At the request of users we published preview2 deb-packages of PrintDesign and UniConvertor 2.0 for Ubuntu 13.04 Here are download links:


UniConvertor for 32-bit system: python-uniconvertor-2.0-rev362_0ubuntu1_13.04_i386.deb

UniConvertor for 64-bit system: python-uniconvertor-2.0-rev362_0ubuntu1_13.04_amd64.deb

Please remember, that PrintDesign depends on UniConvertor 2.0 so you need installing both packages.

Also we have added some samples to zip package (as PDXF and CDR files) to allow you quickly testing application: