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sK1 illustration program

About sK1 vector graphics editor

sK1 is an open source vector graphics editor similar to CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, or Freehand. First of all sK1 is oriented for "prepress ready" PostScript & PDF output.

The major sK1 features:

  • CMYK colorspace support
  • CMYK support in Postscript
  • Cairo-based engine
  • Color managment
  • Universal CDR importer (7-X3 versions)
  • Modern Ttk based (former Tile widgets) user interface

sK1 screenshots







The history of sK1

sK1 editor is a fork of Sketch 0.6.15. It was a result of day-by-day patching of Sketch in an attempt to migrate our printing firm to free software. Sketch development seemed to be stalled already, so when the Sketch/Skencil maintainers decided to switch to Gtk+ widgetset, we were forced to fork. We migrated to Ttk (former Tile widgetset), added CMYK support, color management, and Cairo-based engine.

The "sK1" name derives from "Sketch/Skencil" and second large K character means that application layout is similar with KDE applications althouh sK1 has no dependencies on KDE libraries. Number 1 means our goal - stable application compartible with Corel Draw and Adobe Illustrator and useful for regular usage in prepress.

In December 2006 we started to investigate CorelDraw CDR file format. The CDR import filter was made in weeks and presented together with sK1 on LGM2007 in Montreal, Quebec.