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  • PrintDesign
  • PrintDesign sreenshotPrintDesign is an open-source illustration program that can substitute professional proprietary software like Corel Draw or Adobe Illustrator*. GNU/Linux is our main development platform, but porting on Win32 and MacOS X desktops has been scheduled because Gtk+ widgetset is used. PrintDesign supports professional publishing features, such as multiple page document, CMYK color, separations, ICC color management and press-ready PDF output.

  • UniConvertor
  • UniConvertor is a universal vector graphics translator. It is a command line tool/library which uses PDXF document object model to convert one file format to another. The project is a multiplatform software and can be compiled under GNU/Linux (and other UNIX-like systems), MacOS X and Win32/64 operation systems.

  • LinCutter
  • LinCutter sreenshotLincutter is a vector graphics tool for vinyl cutting plotters. The application is similar to Roland CutStudio, Postcut etc.

  • SWord
  • SWord sreenshotSWord is a visual analysis tool for file format importer development. Application uses Gtk+ widgetset and designed to investigate textual, tagged and binary file formats.

  • sK1 illustration program
  • sK1 is an open-source illustration program. The project is freezed due to outdate widgetset. PrintDesign is successor of this application.

  • CDR Explorer
  • CDR Explorer is a research tool for CorelDraw file formats. It was used to create a CDR import filter for sK1 Editor and UniConvertor. This tool is written on Python and works under GNU/Linux, MacOS X and Win32. Now the tool is substituted by SWord application.

    We hope our projects and their derivatives will be helpful for you.

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  • * Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator are registered trademark of Corel Corp. and Adobe Corp.